I MOVED TO NEW YORK CITY! / by Emily O'Brien


#1 I live on the eighteenth floor... in midtown.. two blocks from Central Park.... oh, and every night I go to bed, I see the Empire State Building. Ya. 

#2 I also happen to live next to Lincoln Center. Ever heard of Gossip Girl? Well, the Empire Hotel is across the street from where I live too! 

#3 I now live like 15 minutes away from Kev @escaperealife (HIT HIM UP PEOPLE) We caught up a couple weeks ago and took some DOPE pictures. 

#4 Recently, I've been working with the magazine College Fashionista. When I first moved here, I attended a 9 hour shoot for their website relaunch and I met the coolest people!  Also, I'm now in their ad campaign. Last week, I was just scrolling through my Instagram feed and I saw myself in an ad. Ya x2. 

#5 I've actually frequented Brooklyn a lot. I've discovered that Butler Bakeshop has one of the best cups of coffee. However, Rook Coffee will always be my favorite. (Not because I was their intern/barista this summer or anything.. ha)

#6 I finally went to Smorgasburg! If you want insta-worthy food, go here. I repeat, go here. Hashtag good sips. 

#7  I sorta/kinda/maybe finally mastered the subway? #gettingsomewhere (literally) 

#8 I went to The Meadows!  I can't sum up how amazing that was. I saw Tegan and Sara, Two Door Cinema Club, Milky Chance, and Jay-Z. Ya x3. 

#9 I haven't gone home yet, however, some of my friends have come in to visit and we shot some of the coolest photos. @samlanevisuals and @davescott_ dragged me up to this rooftop in China Town and the entire time I thought I was going to either a.) get arrested or b.) die but the photos came out aaaaamazing! 

#10 I do have to say, my style is evolving to be more sleek and less grungy. I actually have been wearing my blazer a lot? Yeah, that happened. I've also been shooting a lot more photos of my friends now that I am here. 

#11 I'm still a vegan! 

So this is what happened when I moved to the Big Apple. Stay tuned :)

Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 9.12.14 PM.png